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A mobile platform for beauty professionals

''I've been having this startup idea for a really enormous amount of time, something was always holding me back. Until I met Simplify team. They have developed my idea so much, that in certain moment I've doubted if that's my idea at all:) This is how I offered them to become co-founders of the product that we work on now.''

- Oleh Ch., CEO and founder at Beauting
Quick overview

Beauting – an online platform combines two sides (contractors and customers) of one of the biggest industries – beaty. Our goal was to give both a powerful and comfortable tool that could speed up the booking process in a beauty industry without a need to have personal contact. It should simplify and speed up a registration process to your favourite barber, make-up artist, etc. Minimizing a time needed to look for available slots and much more that could connect consumers with contractors much easier. For contractors – it’s a convenient organizer, and also – a new, powerful source of customers, that allows concetrate on work, without getting distracted by routine processes.


Currently service is in development progress, however it already has 500+ registered barbers, hairdressers and make-up artists from Ukraine, that are actively helping to make the entire product better every day, taking part in testings and other adjustments.

''I just teared up when I first came into the focus group and saw representatives of this industry being excited by using our service that we have created in less than 3 months. Their questions were so accurate and crucial and the feedback I received matteres so much to me and makes me as happy as a kid.''

- Oleh Ch., CEO and founder at Beauting

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