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Go to the cinema website, see the movie schedule, view several trailers, choose the one you like, choose seats in the hall, pay and get your tickets. You’ll probably say it’s so familiar and simple. You’ll probably say it’s a must have. Yes. Sure. We are used to the fact that the movie rental market giants have long given us such convenience. But what about non-network cinemas that also want to keep up with the times? That’s right: reach for the best.
So did the team of the Lumiere Cinema. They did not want to stay away from progress and understood that they had to implement the digitization of the ticket purchase process as soon as possible.
But there was a challenge. How to stay within a small budget and guarantee the high-quality resource?


The answer is simple and obvious − to choose only the necessary, throwing away all unnecessary functions.
We understood that we had to perfectly implement the basic functions that the client expects from the website. So we conducted an internal study, defined a list of critical functions a resource should provide, and a list of secondary tasks that are used less or never.
Having cut everything superfluous, it took us a few months to complete the planned tasks and proceed with the real user tests.
The features we selected turned out to be more than enough to make users happy. And the customer saved a significant part of the budget, which was not wasted on unnecessary features.
The next step is a mobile application and an extension of functions. But this is a completely different story

''Sometimes you can long come up with cool features that you really want to see on your website. This and that, and let's do this one too. But having a limited resource of time and money it is critically important to focus on the main thing. And what is the main thing? Ask your customers;) They will give you the cue''

- Andrii, UX – project designer

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