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A standardization system for diagnosing and treating patients

''I faced a question: how to share all my knowledge and experience with all the doctors working in our clinic? How to standardize all the orthodontic services that we provide? Eventually, after several years of work, I came to the conclusion that the best possible decision was to digitalize the examination process and let the machine issue a diagnosis and treatment plan, depending on the data received. That was the idea I brought to Simplify.''

- Yurii, clinic owner
Quick overview

The task which the customer set before us was to digitalize the process of examination, diagnosis and the choice of a treatment method. He also wanted to standardize the services and treatment methods at his clinic and forget about the subjective medical side of the diagnosis. The system, based on the data obtained during the examination by the doctor, should generate a diagnosis and suggest certain solutions to orthodontic problems.


We have developed an app for tablets helping enter data on the patient’s condition during the examination easily and extremely quickly. The whole system works with a single database of patients, saves data on previous visits and, based on the data received, takes further steps in the treatment of a particular clinical case.

''We designed the interface so that while examining the patient, the doctor could easily enter all the data in 1 - 2 clicks even wearing gloves. Tests showed that we coped with the task successfully. We keep on improving user experience based on feedback from doctors who use this application in their daily work.''

- Andrii, UX app designer

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