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The most popular ОТА in Ukraine

''We created the project in 2009 and during this time we transformed from a small blog into the largest OTA (online travel agency) offering holidays in Ukraine. Most of this journey we made with the Smplfy team, which helps us bring our ideas to life. Together we brought about so many ideas and tasks that we almost became one team, so today we consider cooperation with Smplfy to be a guarantee of further success.''

- Nik Lysytskiy,
Quick overview

This story began back in 2009, when we first developed a website about entertainment and holidays. At that time, we had the task to create an information project that can be quickly and easily administered while demanding no special skills. In 2012, we introduced the online ticket purchase option and integration with a number of services. In 2015, we carried out a large scope of works and turned the resource from an exclusively informational project into an e-commerce project and an aggregator providing the largest selection of excursions and tours in Ukraine.


Over 10 years of cooperation, a huge number of ideas, features and additional functionalities have been implemented. That brought the resource to the forefront of the OTA segment in Ukraine. We performed various tasks like implementing CMS, configuring and customizing it, as well as booking tours and selling tickets online. Moreover, as resource traffic grew (on average, more than 1,500,000 per year), we optimized the back-end and server capacities to ensure fast and smooth operation of the project.

''It is a pleasure to work with a customer who fully trusts your decisions. And the results don’t keep you waiting. We are growing annually and have ambitious plans for the further development of the service.''

- Yura Vasiyta, CTO Simplify
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