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WellPlaned 365

Online service for booking customized tours.

''Imagine you just go to the website, choose the country you want to visit and give answers to several questions. And then the magic starts... ''

- Snizhana, UI project designer
Quick overview

Our customer is a bright and self-confident representative of Saudi Arabia with an ambitious dream to create the best tours in people’s lives. Customized, exciting, and unique. With an individual program, selected specifically for the customer.
And for the customers to learn about his service, tour examples and, finally, tell a few words about their preferences, we created this project.


We developed a resource telling and showing the activities of Wellplanned365 Agency, but most importantly, it involved potential customers into personal communication. And what could be easier for this than just giving a few answers to the questions about the oncoming trip? Since every subsequent question makes you immerse deeper and deeper in your imagination. As if you are already there.
We selected a number of various questions concerning every aspect of the trip: emotional and rational factors, interests of the client and his partners, and his budget.
As a result, 10 questions are enough to step on the way to your ideal tour.

''It's so easy and so cool. You just choose what you love and voila − in a few hours you get a detailed tour of the city or country you wished for.''

- Jonnah, one of the service’s first customers

''We love such challenges. The customer had only the idea of a service, which had practically no analogues. He addressed us. And after 3 months we launched a new business.''

- Yura, CTO at Simplify

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