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DutyFree online store

DutyFree goes online? Idea validation in 6 weeks

''At the beginning of the communication with Simplify, we had a very approximate concept of the site's visual image. The only portfolio of products, pictures, and all items descriptions were prepared. The team of Simplify put it all together and delivered a well designed and performed site.''

- Andy, Branch Director
Quick overview

The customer`s business is related to cross-border trade. There is a cohort of customers who, waiting at the border, do not visit Dutyfree stores because they are afraid to linger there and lose their turn to cross the border.

The client has a hypothesis. And what if you move the stage of product selection online, to a new site and the issuance of online – orders at the point of sale to carry out without queuing?

Our mission was to choose the fastest and cheaper way to validate a customer`s ideas.


We had at least 2 ways:

The Right One, which involved a thorough discovery and further development of the service based on it.
And the Fast One – online release with only the required set of features based on a ready-made solution.

Given that the idea may not be viable, we chose the path of rapid validation.

We decided to choose a Woocommerce based template with adding a few great custom features.

It helped us save the two most important resources for each project – time and money.

Customizing the design according to the mobile-first principle, changing the layout, code refactoring, adding new functionality, testing, and filling with relevant content.
All this was completed in 6 weeks and handed over to the customer.

''"We were impressed by the ultimate responsiveness and the speed of implementation"''

- Andy, Branch Director

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