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Granat Garden

HoReCa procurement automation service.

''''I’ve been working as a TOP manager in the restaurant business for over 10 years. And for more than 10 years, I have been facing constant problems with suppliers. So I’ve got the idea to automate this process. For more than a year, we could not implement it with previous developers. When we desperately addressed Simplify, we completed the MVP phase in 4 weeks!''''

- - Olha, co-founder & СЕО, Granat Garden
Quick overview

Online platform for HoReCa procurement automation service. The platform brings together suppliers and HoReCa businesses in a convenient interface and automates the entire procurement process from the selection of goods to the workflow. Restaurant representatives received a tool allowing up to 40% reduction in losses due to transparent procurement process. They received balance updating, the ability to compare prices for the same goods from different suppliers, electronic workflow and quick order confirmation. Single-click ease. Suppliers have discovered a new distribution channel and access to more than 200 new restaurants instead. The platform also reduced the need for sales agents, since all orders go to the service.


In 4 weeks, the MVP stage was implemented and in the first 3 months, more than 60 suppliers and more than 100 restaurants and cafes joined the service. 30% of service customers completely transferred their purchases to the platform, appreciating the convenient interface and clear processes.

''''We saw a significant level of satisfaction at the focus-group testing stage already. From the first minutes, potential users could intuitively use the platform, because we deliberately designed the service interface as a classic e-commerce with all its advantages.''''

- Olha, co-founder & СЕО, Granat Garden

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