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Magic World UA

Mobile App with augmented reality

''We started Magic World.UA Project in 2015 because we saw a problem: despite the fact that Ukrainian mythology is one of the richest in the world, its characters are almost not visualized, little-known and are out of the modern cultural context.''

- - Nik Lysytskyi, project initiator
Quick overview

Magic World.UA mobile app is the first shot of the project aimed at preserving and promoting Ukrainian mythology in Ukraine and abroad.
The app is designed primarily for children and teenagers between 8 and 13 years old, but is sure to captivate adults as well.
20 mythological characters will “come to life” thanks to augmented reality technology. But first you need to listen to their stories, learn about the traditions and beliefs of Ukrainians and pass a series of quizzes. All these is wrapped in such a bright and modern “packaging” that learning will become a real pleasure.


Our mobile application using the methodology of edutainment will allow children and youth to study Ukrainian mythology in the most convenient (organic) way of consuming content. The augmented reality (AR) technology is an innovative approach to edutainment projects in Ukraine, and visualized and digitized characters will be the basis for collaboration with other projects and creative communities.

''It’s a wonderful app that will be extremely useful for Ukraine. Great work that is relevant and in demand. Thanks for the great idea!''

- - Artem Kuzmenko

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